Butte 211 – Your Online Intake Form Has Been Received

Hello! This is a message notifying you that Butte 211 has received your Camp Fire intake form that you recently completed online. We received a very high volume of forms in a short time and our Butte Strong partner agencies are now working on a way to speed up the application process for emergency financial assistance available through the Butte Strong fund. Your patience is appreciated as these agencies work together to create a secure and efficient process for you.

The application process will require your participation and verification of eligibility and need. Applicants will need to provide proof of ID, proof of pre-disaster address, and proof of current income. You could begin gathering these documents in preparation while you wait for the next contact from the Butte Strong team. Please note that additional documents may be required based on your needs.

The Butte Strong team will be in contact with you again soon to describe next steps for your application. We have not been given an estimated date for that next contact at this time but we expect applications to start being processed soon.

If you indicated that you do not already have a disaster case manager, we will add you to the Community Queue for being assigned a case manager as soon one is available.

If you have questions or immediate need for referral to services, you can contact Butte 211 by text (text your Butte County zip code to 898211). You can also visit the Camp Fire Information and Resources page on the Butte 211 website here: helpcentral.org/camp-fire-information/

Or you can call Butte 2-1-1 (or 1-866-916-3566 from outside Butte County). Thank you!

Butte 211 Outreach

(Note: If you provided an email address on your intake form, you will also receive this notification by email.)